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We welcome all professional models to submit their information to us so that they may be considered for paying jobs at our photography events and industry workshops. These jobs are contracted on a case by case basis, and the model would be considered an independent contractor, and not an employee.
Models are not obligated, or coerced, in any way, to buy anything in order to be considered for any of our jobs. That said, we do need the following to consider models for our jobs.

1. Information
We require models to send us a current composite card, a resume, and a cover letter. Obviously, if you have a composite card, you have a modeling portfolio to show your range of looks and experience, and that at least one of those looks is a good fit for one of our jobs, with no professional conflicts.
Although we may waive the requirements for a composite card, this is an exception, and not the rule, and we would have to personally waive it; unsolicited submissions require these items, and remember that there is a lot of competition for our jobs; you probably will not book any of our jobs when professional models are submitting composite cards, resumes, and cover letters if you are not submitting these items, as you will not be able to compete with those models.
Additionally, while we may consider agency-represented models whom are being submitted by a modeling and talent agency or where models are forcing the jobs that are trying to book to go through their agent, where the agent is used to screen jobs, keep in mind that a lot of professional models now cut out the agency middleman when finding and booking work, which saves them from paying the agency commission, and that they are more attractive prospects in business sense because they save us from paying commission fees to agencies. Also, when you keep the agency in the loop, you are doing their job for them, as the agency is supposed to find you work, and in such cases the commission paid should be open to negotiation.

Please send composite cards, cover letters, and resumes to the following address:
Tampa Bay Shoots
P.O. Box 1224, Riverview, FL 33568-1224

You must include contact information with your cover letter, which includes a daytime telephone number where you can be contacted, a backup telephone number where you can be reached, an email address, and your web site domain name. This information will be kept confidential.
We will only contact you if we are considering you for our modeling jobs. Upon contacting you, we will do a telephone interview, and, if that goes well, we will then schedule you for an evaluation photography session. You MUST participate in an evaluation photography session in order to be eligible for the consideration of any of our modeling jobs, and must be able to go to the Tampa Bay area and make the time to participate with the session. There is no pay for these evaluation sessions. There IS PAY, later, for our modeling jobs at our other events and workshops, IF you book one of those jobs and work it.

2. Evaluation
Evaluation photography sessions are held in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and models are responsible for travel costs and lodging expenses to participate in these sessions. Participating in these evaluation photography sessions are a part of being considered for our modeling jobs, and do NOT guarantee that you will book a modeling job, although electing not to participate with one of these sessions WILL DISQUALIFY YOU from consideration. Costs incurred by models, which includes costs incurred by models fulfilling the obligation of following through in the commitment of working one of our modeling jobs, are not compensated, especially as this is considered a cost of doing business, and it is offset by any pay that the model earns. Additionally, models are required to be evaluated under a liability waiver; the same kind of liability waiver that they work under when booked into one of our modeling jobs.
All evaluation photography sessions are done, officially, under our Strobe Modeling Photography Shoots agreements, waivers, and releases, as these events are specifically formatted to evaluate models for future consideration of booking into our modeling jobs at our other events and workshops. There is NO PAY for the evaluation photography session, as it is not a modeling job, and we do not make money from these sessions, either. Pay will come later if the model is booked into a modeling job at one of our modeling photography event sessions or workshops where we have paying clients; if we make money, so do the models.

In order to be able to work one of our events, models must agree to a no-cost, no-charge evaluation photography sessions where we can evaluate the model and where we can obtain photographs which we own the copyrights to so that we can market the model. Under no circumstances will we allow any model to use photographs from any other photographer whom is not affiliated with Tampa Bay Shoots in their marketing for our events.
These evaluation photography sessions are at no cost to the model, nor is the model compensated in any way. They are also seldom one on one, and will probably be with other models whom are being evaluated. Models are only paid if they are contracted to work a photography session where we are being paid, and the pay is a percentage, and not a set hourly rate. Models are REQUIRED to participate with a minimum of one evaluation photography session before they are eligible to be booked for any of our paid modeling jobs at any of our photography events and workshops, and we may require more. Additionally, evaluation is part of the consideration process, and any model whom is evaluated in an evaluation photography session, or sessions, is NOT guaranteed to be booked in any modeling job.
We work very hard to make sure that the photographs taken in evaluation sessions are professionally useful, however, and models are permitted to use pictures from our evaluation sessions for their portfolios and composite cards, as long as the photography company is credited. Additionally, our photographers or photography companies are also permitted to use those pictures for marketing, their portfolios, or for projects, but are NOT permitted to sell those images to any second or third party, and are NOT permitted to use those images in any commercial project where they directly make money from the project unless the model is compensated (this will be explained in the agreement that the model reads and signs before they agree to do any evaluation session or anything else). Other career assistance may also be available at no charge to models whom pass the evaluation process and are officially on the roster for being booked into one of our paying modeling jobs, and we will let models know if they are in that roster.

3. Working Deposit
In some cases, a working deposit is not required. In other cases, it is. The model will be informed of the deposit requirement before they agree to any modeling job assignment, and refusal of any modeling job over the deposit will not make the model ineligible for future modeling jobs, although a refusal to work events which require a deposit will limit the events which a model is eligible for.
A deposit may be required for models booked for a modeling job at one of our events or workshops if the models are being heavily marketed in that event and their participation is critical for the success of that event; events where we expend considerable expense marketing the event and where the booked models are a selling point would require a deposit. This may be a requirement for modeling photography events or workshops where the number of models booked is smaller and where the loss of a model can create problems for the event; on the plus size, events which have fewer models often pay more. It may also be a requirement if the model has never worked one of our events before.
The amount of the deposit varies depending upon the risk of the event, and models will obviously be informed of the amount before they agree to work any modeling job.
This deposit is not a fee, and is given back, in addition to the pay that the model earns, upon the completion of the job or of the event is a success and the model can demonstrate that the circumstances which prevented them from participating was unavoidable.
Deposit requirements for events which require a working deposit from models may be waived if the model demonstrates that they are dependable, but that waiver will become a bill charged to the model for the amount that the deposit would have been if the model does not participate because of an un excused absence or if their conduct costs us money; if the model’s actions lead to monetary loss, they may be held legally liable for damages exceeding that of the usual amount of the deposit.
If a model forfeits a deposit due to an unexcused absence or because their actions caused a monetary loss, that deposit may be used to compensate our clients.
Deposits which are returned to the model are returned in full, only, and the deposits are not due any interest, as interest is not earned on deposits. Deposits are not an investment, but rather a guarantee that the model will follow through on their commitment. As this is a business with money involved, the name of the game is to ensure profitability for both us and the participants while minimizing risks, which includes risks of monetary loss.

That said, we need to discuss the terms of pay for models.

1. Pay
Models are contractors. They are not employees. Because models are contractors, we do not withhold taxes on pay, and the model is responsible to withhold those taxes from their pay and to pay those taxes when they file every quarter.
If the model gives us a deposit, that deposit will be returned to them along with the pay which is owed them when they are paid. We usually pay at least one week after the event is completed and all money is collected from the clients. If over 50% of the clients pay with checks, then there could be a delay in pay up to 10 working days, as those checks have to clear their banks, and we have to free operating expense money in order to pay the models. No interest is earned from delays in pay, as accounting time is not interest earning, and we do not earn interest on any held money from operating accounts; models make money only if we make money.
We seldom negotiate on model payment amounts, which are a set percentage of what the event or workshop is balanced for. We worked very hard to make sure that the models are paid a good amount for their work, and in some cases, we even give up some of our profits to ensure that the models are compensated fairly.

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